Tiger Woods to Make Special Announcement Today

Injury-plagued golfer Tiger Woods has called for a sit-down interview with The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman today at 11 AM ET to make a special announcement, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Woods announced last week that he won’t make it to play in the British Open at Royal St. George’s this week due to a knee injury suffered in May, but many are speculating on what announcement he could be making.

Some believe he might announce he’s sitting out for the rest of the year, some saying he could address his relationship with Anthony Galea who was indicted last week on charges of transporting illegal drugs across the border to distribute to athletes. Ryan Ballengee of Pro Golf Talk has even threw in retirement as a possibility.

We can only speculate as of now, but with Tiger’s flair for the dramatic the past couple years, we can expect the unexpected.


Tiger Woods’ agent says no announcement is forthcoming.

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