USA Women’s Soccer Loses but Still Have Hope

United States women soccer team already booked a place in the quarterfinals of the Women’s World Cup.  A victory over Sweden would provide an easier road to the title, facing Australia and only needed a tie to do so.  Instead the Americans suffered a 2-1 defeat to Sweden and now scheduled to face a talented Brazil squad on Sunday.

The U.S. is a two-time World Cup champion, two-time defending Olympic gold medalist and the No. 1-ranked team. But it’s had a rough few months since being stunned by Mexico in the semifinals of regional World Cup qualifying, needing to beat Italy in a playoff just to get to Germany. The Americans then lost to Sweden in the opener of the Four Nations tournament in January, and dropped their first game to England since 1988.

If the USA win the World Cup; many feel it will take elite goalkeeping by Hope Solo, I wonder if any relation to Star Wars “Han Solo”.  Although she gave up two goals, neither were her fault.  Sweden’s first goal came on a penalty kick; any soccer fan will tell you there is no way to defend an accurate penalty kick.  The second score was on a free kick,  when the ball bounced off the defending wall and Solo was no position to save the goal.

In our  summer thrist for sports, I advise you to check out the quarterfinal match between United States and Brazil.  If you USA wins you can ride the bandwagon for the rest of the tournament and if they lose, at least it’s vs. Brazil and the game may provide eye candy perhaps on the field, but definitely in the stands.  Also check out talented goalkeeper Hope Solo, some find her very attractive and she has a big following.  I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusion.