Video: Austin Rivers Dunks on Rasheed Wallace

Raise your hand if you thought that Rasheed would be anywhere near a basketball court after his retirement?

As the Legend of Austin Rivers grows these videos from exhibition games keep popping up.

I will say this about Sheed, he is a wily vet, when he saw Austin charging down the lane he knew the best thing to do for his long term health was to just get out of the way.

I am sure he just care about collecting the cheeseburgers they paid him with to play in the game.

One thought on “Video: Austin Rivers Dunks on Rasheed Wallace

  • I REALLY don’t mean to talk negatively about Doc’s son but he NEEDS to stay in school UNTIL His GAME catches up to HIS Ego because he’s not THAT GOOD (Real…)

    He was getting his azz ATE UP in the year end All-Star games when he was going up against the VERY BEST PGs in the nation… And I’m a NC Supporter so Duke products don’t IMPRESS ME (At All…)

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