Video: Bills WR Stevie Johnson “Marvin’s Room” Remix..”The Athletic Room”


I like Drake the rapper, better than Drake the singer, but I remember something that Tupac said many years ago and I am paraphrasing.

“Make music for the ladies and the dudes will buy it just to impress the ladies.”

So I get joints like Marvin’s Room, women eat this stuff up and help Drake stay as a platinum artist, but the remixes are getting out of control.

I am surprised it took this long for an athlete to take a shot at it considering half of them think they are rappers and singers anyway.

Bills WR Stevie Johnson aka the player who blamed god for a dropped game winning TD pass, takes a shot at it. Considering before listening I thought it would be awful it isn’t half bad, even if I have no idea what he is talking about (he probably doesn’t know either).

Please end the lockout.


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