Video: CM Punk as an Extra at Wrestlemania 22

Last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw continued the CM Punk/John Cena/Vince McMahon storyline with a “contract negotiation” (you can read our recap and see the videohere.

At one point, Punk references that at Wrestlemania 22 in Chicago he wore a suit and carried a fake Tommy Gun as he rode on the car that preceded John Cena’s coming to the ring during his intro. This was about a year before CM Punk made his debut with WWE. Here is the video.

It is common practice for the WWE to use local talent (Punk is from Chicago) as extras. Whenever you see cops escorting someone out of the arena or big beefy security guards (not the old dudes who sit in a folding chair) they are more than likely independent wrestler hoping to get noticed, or developmental talent that hasn’t been introduced to the audience yet.

While most of the talent used never make it big, there are some examples.

Former WWE Superstar MVP as a police office escorting Kurt Angle’s Olympic Medals (notice the close cropped hair, almost like a reverse Udonis Haslem)

Current Superstars Sheamus and Wade Barrett as Security guards pulling DX Away from the ring.

Presumably from the same show, Security Guard Sheamus taking a Pedigree from Triple H.