Video: CM Punk Ethers Vince McMahon & John Cena on Monday Night Raw


The whole thing now appears to be an angle, but it is entertaining never the less.

The WWE is better with a strong heel that is also liked by the crowd.  John Cena can’t be that, he has been the same guy since he walked in the building.

CM Punk on the hand, he has potential.  Reminds me of Kurt Angle a bit, since Kurt had the ability to play different roles.  While this take on Monday Night Raw isn’t as good as his infamous shoot from a few weeks ago, still very entertaining.

Take a look.


  1. Couple of things Rob:

    Cena has not been the same since he “walked in the door”. He has been his current way for about 6 years now though.

    Last night’s segment was better than 2 weeks ago. All 3 were great vice just 1 going hard.

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