Video: Lebron Dunks on a Kid & Knocks Him Down During a Basketball Camp


More than a camp Bron Bron??

LeBron was a special guest at the Nothing But Net Camp hosted by Richard Stockton College in New Jersey this week.

Below is footage of basketball participants shooting the ball. In the scene LeBron shoots his ball and runs to the side. Right after LeBron was a little boy who comes close to the net to shoot his ball. All of a sudden LeBron comes back and dunks the ball knocking over the kid. He was probably laying there for 10 seconds before LeBron came to help him up.

It seems as if he’s taking his lockout frustration on the kids…


  1. They were playing Knockout, if the kid made the shot before LeBron, Bron would have been knocked out. So Bron dunked it to stay in the game.

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