Video: Michael Vick on Capital Hill Promoting Tougher Laws For Dog Fighting

Michael Vick is trying.

He is trying to do and say the right things. At some point though you don’t have to keep apologizing. I think Vick has done enough.

If he wants to continue to do things like this because he truly feels like it is therapy for him, then more power to him. It is a beautiful gesture.

But if he is doing these things to try to convince Dog Lovers, PETA and his detractors he is a change man, he needs to understand these people no matter what he says will always think the worst of him.

He did the crime, he did the time and he deserves to be able to go on with his personal and professional life.

He was on Capital Hill speaking out for tougher laws for individuals like himself who financed dog and cock fighting operations.

I disagree with this not because I think there shouldn’t be laws against it, but that we would be spending our time trying to figure out how people like Casey Anthony are walking free right now.

Whatever your feelings maybe on the issue, I think we are all looking forward to Michael Vick on the football field again.

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  • Ugh! So dissappointed…

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