Video: Oregon State Basketball Player Roberto Nelson Shatters Backboard Glass

WARNING! This footage gets bloody!

While on a European tour in Macedonia, Roberto Nelson and a few of his Oregon teammates put on a dunking display in a local gym. In the height of his dunk, Nelson shatters the backboard glass. It is unknown if he used too much force or if the glass was any good.

But as you can see Nelson walked away from the incident while talking to the camera. According to ESPN, Nelson needed 20 stitches after the incident.

Some Oregon players took pride in his dunk:

“All those weights and training are paying off (strength coach Brendon Ziegler), we are breaking backboards and taking names out here in Macedonia!”.

(According to Kevin McShane on his blog)

Nelson is a 6-3 sophomore guard who averaged 7.5 points per game last season.