Video: Soccer Star Mario Balotelli Benched After Failed Trick Shot

Man City’s recent game against the L.A. Galaxy has brought more attention to the team. Not because of the team’s play, but because of their star player Mario Balotelli’s behavior.

Thirty-two minutes into the game, Balotelli had an easy attempt at an open goal, but decided to try a spinning backheel shot that ended all wrong. Balotelli, one of the most entertaining and egotistical players in the league, missed the shot and infuriated his coach. Roberto Mancini took Balotelli out of the game, much to the play-by-play announcer’s delight and was never inserted back into the game.

Coach Mancini was embarrassed by Balotelli’s actions.

“I hope this is a lesson for him,” Mancini said. “In football you always need to be professional, always serious and in this moment he wasn’t professional. He needs to understand his behaviour has to be good in every game — not just in a final or a semi-final but every game.”

“He knows he made a mistake,” he added. “Football should always be serious and if you have a chance to score, you should score. If you are serious, you can play 90 minutes. If not, you can come and sit by me on the bench. Mario is young, I want to help him and that is the end of it. To take him off after 30 minutes is enough punishment. It won’t have been easy for him but it has to be a lesson.”

I would’ve been more embarrassed by his haircut than anything. Looks like the soccer version of Chad Ochocinco. I’m sure Jennifer from “Basketball Wives” would describe Balotelli as a “Media Whore.”

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