Vince Young and Miami Dolphins the Perfect Match


Vince Young is a gifted quarterback, with a career .638 winning percentage as an NFL starter. Two-time Pro Bowler.

Miami Dolphins have not had a Pro Bowl quarter since Dan Marino, started 15 quarterbacks since Marino retired. Zero playoff wins post Marino.

Vince Young needs a fresh start and opportunity with a new team.

Miami Dolphins uncertain if Chad Henne is the quarterback that can allow them to compete with AFC East juggernauts; the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

Vince Young at his best has made great plays with his arm and if a play breaks down can make it happen with his feet.

Miami Dolphins offense lacks big play ability from the quarterback position and Chad Henne doesn’t perform well when the play breaks down.

I could go on and on; being a Tennessee Titan fan in South Florida, I have seen a lot of Miami Dolphins and Vince Young games. I feel like the person who has two friends that are perfect for each other if only they hooked up. Everything the Miami Dolphins lack, Vince Young can provide. Miami Dolphins only have Chad Henne as a realistic starter and Henne needs the push and motivation. The competition of Vince Young could either bring out the best of Henne or have Vince waiting in the wings.

Vince being in the South Florida market would not the have the #3 pick of the draft pressure on his shoulders, and couple that with a sports market that has High School Football, Miami Hurricanes, and the Miami Heat already the buzz of town. Unlike a Nashville market that are die hard Tennessee Titans faithful and only have a professional hockey team in the Nashville Predators.

Miami Dolphins have nothing to lose in signing Young, and no NFL team is going to hand VY a starting job. Outworking Chad Henne might be Vince Young’s best ticket back as an NFL starting QB; the question remains will Vince Young put in the work needed to become one.