Will the New York Jets Become Hollywood as Hell?

The Jets are clearly making big moves. We are in the midst of the most frenzied free agent period in professional football history. New rumors are swirling by the second, Adam Schefter is operating on 2 hours of sleep and it’s literally minute by minute tracking on the changes and moves. The New York Jets seem to be in forefront with their aggressive moves.  With the resigning of Santonio Holmes, the hot pursuit of Nnamdi Asomugha and rumors of acquiring Randy “Straight Cash Homie” Moss, the Jets are seemingly looking to max out talent to make a Superbowl run because we all know that this is their year, right Rex Ryan?

It was reported today that the Jets agreed to a new deal with Santonio Holmes to the tune of $50,000,000 (I like to use all of those zeros). Next on their list is Nnamdi Asomugha to compliment Darrelle Revis. This move could be the ultimate of all deck stacking which brings to mind a deck stacking move that garnered quite a bit of criticism lately. Would putting Asomugha and Revis on the same team equate to the Miami Heat’s acquisition of Lebron James and Chris Bosh? Does that make the New York Jets “Hollywood as hell” (Joachim Noah voice)? Will the media react the same way?

Chillax, Jets fans. Hollywood or not, that Asomugha/Revis tandem will be virtually unstoppable so rest assured that your head coach’s yearly prediction may actually come to fruition this year if you believe that sheer talent can win championships. Let’s focus on the move itself, though, for comparison. Nnamdi and Revis are hands down the best cornerbacks in the National Football League. Many feel that the James/Wade duo is the best duo in the NBA. James was acquired to win championships. No doubt, the acquisition of Nnamdi is to help the Jets take that final step and win the Superbowl. Add in constant media fodder Randy Moss and you have a collective media orgasm. Prior to these moves, Rex Ryan kept the Jets in the media because he ALWAYS has something to say. Ryan can certainly relegate some of his duties to Moss if the move happens.


Further adding to the “Hollywood” theory is Chris Mortensen’s report that Nnamdi may be attracted to the Jets because of his desire to become an actor when his football career is over and what second best place is there to be to pursue your entertainer and icon aspirations than New York? A wee bit Hollywood of him, don’t you think? I’m not judging. I’m just saying. I’m mentally preparing myself for the “Lebron turned his back on his city/The Decision makes Lebron a jerk/Nnamdi is a great guy/There’s NO comparison to the Heat/The Heat suck/Blah, blah, blah”. Uh huh. Got it. Let it go.  I think that the Nnamdi pick up would be brilliant for the Jets, in theory. How it works out remains to be seen but it’s a chance that I’d take as an owner and coach. At minimum, the games are going to be fun to watch. So will the parties, red carpet sighting and famous hookups. CAN’T WAIT!


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