Wizards Andray Blatche Baby Mama Twodel Angel Germain Not Happy With BSO


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A few weeks ago we reported on a story about Andray Blatche baby mama Angel Germain from the Dirty.com (“Angel” Claims Wizards Andray Blatche Impregnated Her, Wants to Be on BBall Wives).

It isn’t uncommon for the ladies in these stories to contact us to say it is all lies and Miss Germain hit us up in a fairly professional way when the article was posted here is what she had to say.

Can, you please remove the false story that you have posted on your website, immediately. Please and thank you. I have no reason to launch a personal attack Andray Blatche or anyone else for the record. I have no idea why someone would seek defamation of my character.

For, the record, I have no story to tell or sell. Sorry. I’m giving you the courtesy, that wasn’t extended to me. I’m hurt and really disappointed buy these allegations. Mission accomplished. Once again please remove my images, media and comments. Thank you.

Sounds fair enough right?

I am not an unreasonable individual so I replied.

If you would like to make a comment on record we would publish an article saying that you are denying the claims and that the report on thedirty.com is totally false.

We can do that for you today if you like.

As you can imagine Miss Germain was not willing to go on the record to say the claims against her were false, so I went about my daily activities, never thinking about her again.


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But it is interesting how people will talk nice to you to your face, but behind your back show their true colors. A tipster let me know that Miss Germain took her frustrations about BlackSportsOnline to Facebook. Here is what she had to say behind close doors.

Sideline, Bench warmer, Non-draft, Practice Squad No Class HATER

#kissmyentirea$$ FB Hater(s) Blogging about me: #killyoself @ a 4 way STOP. I mean it with the up most respect. I must be real heavy on your conscious. I’m God’s gift bitch(es) & fu*k boy(s) #Dealwithit. Stealing my babyshower pics off of FB , then spreading lies. Bastered Ass Coward! Last I check I owe no.1 Sh*t but some toilet paper, I’m willing 2 donate a dirty diaper aswell. Karma is something you should of considered b4 posting lies about me. When it hits you think of me 🙂 While you pray 4 me 2 fail; pray 4 yourself. “Jealousy is Disease”, get well BITCH! I leave you 2 prayer who ever you are: Psalms 109 is my gift to you “Friendemies” . Take it personal, take it there.

Twodels are funny.

Anyone who can put in they are “God’s Gifts B*tches & F*ck Boys”, wish for you to have a violent death and throw out a Psalms in the same paragraph is impressive.

A lot of internet gangsters in these online streets. Just remember we know that you are almost 40 and we have the messages you sent to your friend. Actually here is what your “friend” had to say about you.

She is a just a groupie/wanna video that is trying to come up and is saying that her getting pregnant by an NBA player she believes was God’s Gift to her to get out the ghetto you can have the messages if you want. She looks very old and horrible in her non photoshopped twodel pictures.

I hope Andray really watches out cause this chick is crazy.

We have the non photoshop pics and a real model you are not.

Take some advice, don’t be the next contestant on that Miss Hawaii Summer Jam Screen.

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  • This site is slowly turning into mto.

    • Don’t know about the MTO reference but These TRICKS are getting caught up because of their OWN Behavior-n-Antics… IF you don’t put yourself OUT THERE like that then there’s NO WORRIES to be concerned about (Word…)

      I THINK it’s a constant reminder to these YOUNG Dudes coming into the game to pay MORE ATTENTION to the females that Pursue you SIMPLY because you’re a Professional Athlete (Just My Opinion)

    • MTO is such a dumb statement First off we presents facts, not random hyperbole. Second you are still reading

  • If I’m a pro ball player, I’m giving these chicks spelling tests before they can get into bed with me. Her spelling alone tells me she’s an idiot.

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