Albert Haynesworth Pleads No Contest to Sexual Abuse Charges, No Jail Time

If you recall Albert Haynesworth initial defense to his sexual avuse charge of getting too touch feely with a waitress was that he didn’t like black women (Albert Haynesworth Defense on Sexual Abuse Charge: “I Don’t Like Black Girls”).

He changed his plea today in court to no contest and won’t have to serve any jail time. has the details.

Haynesworth entered a plea of no contest to simple assault for an incident where he was accused of inappropriately touching a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington D.C.

Keith Alexander of the Washington Post has more details. Haynesworth has agreed to an alcohol abuse assessment and psychological assessment as part of the agreement. He has 18 months to complete the community service.

As he entered the courtroom Haynesworth screamed “Go Patriots”, good to see he has a sense of humor about the situation.  The lesson to be learned here is if you can’t pass a conditioning test, don’t slide your credit card between a waitress breasts.

Wait that didn’t make any sense………

Doesn’t matter I will just say it was taken out of context like Vince Young.