Basketball Wives Royce Reed Says Evelyn Doesn’t Know The English Vocabulary Too Well


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If I had to guess Royce ends up staying on the show for the 4th season.  Mainly because you need balance of women.  You can’t have all Tamis and Evelyns on the show.

Royce is the only one who uses some common sense and maybe that is the reason they don’t want her in the “circle”.

By the way whey are 30+ year old women using terms like “Circle”, “Boo Boo” and “Bad Bitches”.  Act like an adult for once.  Here are some of Royce’s quotes from VH1.

There were several episodes that you weren’t in this season, do you wish you could have been in more, or were you happy to be away from the drama?

I was happy to be away from the drama, but as far as being on the show, of course you want your air time but I still had my air time even though you didn’t see me because my name was mentioned, and that’s all that matters.

What’s going on with the Eric movie?

I actually haven’t heard anything, I told him to send me the script and I would read it, and if I felt like it was a good move for me and my publicist/manager felt the same way then I would do it, but I haven’t received a script yet. But I told him that send me the script and ill read it and if it’s a good look then I’ll do it, if not keep it moving, I mean, no hard feelings.

I get that you and Tami can be real and honest with each other, but looking at it from the outside, it’s weird that you don’t get along with Evelyn because she’s just as open and honest —

No, she’s not..

You don’t think so?

No, because Tami is gonna say what she feels, and she’s gonna stand by it, and her opinion makes sense. Evelyn she doesn’t really know the English vocabulary too well because all her sentences end in the word “b*tch,” and she is making t-shirts that degrade another human being, I cant really respect someone who actually thinks that’s an intelligent move, all money is not good money to me. So I would never put them in the same category. Now do they both like drama? We’re on a reality show, but yes, to a certain extent we know what we signed up for. But I would never say that they have the same personality or are in the same boat or anything like that because I don’t think they are.

She makes some solid points, but she also points out she will stay on the show until the wheels fall off. You have to cash those checks before Dwight drops another lawsuit.

I think the show only last a couple of more years, because at some point people will get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, then we will really see who is a NON FACTOR.

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  • This whole write up is on point! My 16 yo doesn’t use “circle”, “boo boo” etc! Neither I nor my friends refer to ourselves as “bitches” at the top of our lungs to promote our realness!

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