Bengals Cedric Benson Starting Jail Sentence Today, Not During Bengals Bye Week

It makes more sense for Benson to start his jail sentence before the season starts.  First off he can get it over with and secondly he can deal with whatever punishment Goodell Gotti hands out soon than later.

Plus he doesn’t have to interrupt his and the Bengals season right in the middle while playing Prison Break.

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson(notes) had originally agreed to serve his jail sentence in the middle of October, coinciding with the Bengals bye week. Someone thought of a new plan, though, and Benson is in jail right now. He was booked in last night.

So, if we go by the timeline established previously, which has Benson leaving jail after seven days of a 20 day sentence, that makes Benson a free man once again on the night of Tuesday, September 6th, five days before the Bengals open the season against the Browns on Sunday.

As long as he doesn’t beat up anyone (or get beat up) in jail he should be ready for the Bengals season opener. They need all the help they can get, so maybe he can recruit some of the cons while he is in there.

You know Mike Brown will sign them.

4 thoughts on “Bengals Cedric Benson Starting Jail Sentence Today, Not During Bengals Bye Week

  • Cedric Benson is exactly what is wrong with all of sports now days. Yeah, just another convict playing in the NFL! No kidding, Cedric Benson, Mike Vick, that receiver who shot himself (how stupid), and I am sure countless others. Let’s all raise our kids in the image and likeness of an NFL professional football player.
    Cedric Benson, and Mike Vick and that other idiot should be kicked out of sports, period. They had a chance, a big chance and they were too stupid or ignorant or just punks and blew it. Why should the rest of the NFL be handicapped with that shitty image?
    We coddle them through high school because they can run and jump. Then we let them humiliate major universities by them “deciding” which university’s scholarship they will “accept”. Then they have to hold “press conferences” for all of the over eager sports enthusiasts, so they can announce the BIG NEWS.
    Then, they hit the BIG TIME. It’s Rock and Roll baby! MONEY, Can you spell MONEY? I bet they CAN’T! Money, drugs, gambling, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, and maybe 3 or 4 million dollar sports cars.
    Get rid of the thugs, the “businessmen”, the losers who permeate pro sports in every city. They are like a disease that spreads and gets into every nook and cranny of anything good and pure until they ruin it. I’d say Commissioner Goodell has a major job cleaning up the sad reputation of the NFL. Quit coddling them, one mistake and goodbye LOSERS!

    • Before you spout such nonsense, please compare the percentage of “thugs” and criminals in society with those of the NFL. Image is a funny thing-if all you focus on is the negative than that’s all you will see. Seriously compare the numbers. You’ll be surprised at the results.

  • No one is perfect let it go Vick has turned his life around move on to something else. if God can forgive who are you not too, it does not matter that you are black writer wake up fool do not judge you are out of your league only God can do that, now go up against him.

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