Bloody Knife & Gun Found at Brandon Marshall Michi Nogomi-Marshall Stabbing Scene

Brandon Marshall lies a lot.

He lied about the night him teammate was shot and murdered, he has lied about some domestic abuse situations and in my opinion is lying about having a social disorder.

He also lied if you believe police about his wife not trying to kill him in a stabbing incident that she was not charged in.

Here are the details.

According to reports obtained by The South Florida Times, sheriffs discovered “a trail of blood” crisscrossing Marshall’s Broward County home.

Also among the inventory: a bloody kitchen knife and ammo clip for Marshall’s handgun.

According to sheriff reports, it was Nogami-Marshall who called 911 that afternoon. “Please come, it’s an emergency,” she said twice before hanging up.

When Broward Sheriff officers showed up to Marshall’s gated estate, they found “a trail of blood leading from the front doorway to the kitchen and another trail towards the Marshall’s bedroom.” Near the front door they discovered “a large kitchen knife covered with blood and a small, but loaded, magazine from an unknown firearm.”

The bloody clip, it turned out, belonged to Marshall’s Smith & Wesson “Bodyguard” .380 semi-automatic handgun, which was loaded when Marshall showed it to police.

Even though I don’t believe Marshall has a “disease”, I do believe he needs help.  The first step is acknowledging that which it appears he has.  The next step is being a man, not making excuses and become a better person.

The jury is still out on that.

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  • Sadly the Brandon Marshall story is only going to end up one way… and we all see it coming.

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