Brady Quinn Locked Into Backup QB Position with Broncos..Tebow Now Goaline QB

I think the Broncos are wasting a lot of time.

If they are truly going to go with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn as their quarterbacks, they need to let Tebow go.  Before I get to my thoughts ProFootballTalk breaks down what lead to this decision.

Brady Quinn worked exclusively with the No. 2 Broncos offense at Monday’s practice, all but completing a month-long process to pass Tim Tebow on the depth chart.

Even if Quinn is the backup, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tebow hit the field in some goal-line packages during the regular season.

You don’t spend a 1st round draft pick on a quarterback for him to be a glorified full back.  I have seen almost every snap that Tebow has taken this preseason and a couple of things are clear.

He is never going to be a prototypical quarterback and his lack of arm strength and accuracy will always be an issue, but he does find a way to make plays.  He is a little like Vince Young, who would be awful from three quarters and then figure out a way to win the game in the 4th quarter.

It is only preseason, but the only way to know if that knack for coming through in the clutch would work in the regular season would be to put him in the game.

The longer they wait they bigger distraction it will become.

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