Braylon Edwards Involved in Bar Fight

Braylon Edwards has been having a rough go of late. He just lost his job to a guy who spent two years in jail for shooting himself in the leg, and off the field he is pleading guilty to DUI and having charges against him for a fight in Cleveland extended. Now according to Fox 2 in Detroit via Pro Football Talk Edwards’ entourage was involved in a fight Sunday morning with employees of the South Bar in Birmingham, Michigan that left 2 men injured.

Per the report, Edwards’ friends got into an argument with the employees. The dispute made its way into the kitchen, and one employee was “sliced with a knife.” The wound required 14 stitches to close. Another employee allegedly was attacked with a fork.

At about the same time of the fight, Edwards tweeted the following.

“Damn. Get ya knuckles ready”
“Don’t fight if. You don’t know how.”

He then followed it up with this gem:

Yeah of course, you lost your phone. Right when your boys are getting into a fight, somebody finds your phone and tweets about fighting.

Now it is important to note that the police didn’t even talk to Edwards that night and are not charging him with anything. It falls solely on his boys who were involved. Where it gets sticky is when you consider that he was there and it was his people and he is still on probation for the Cleveland incident.

His beard could not be reached for comment.

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