Brett Favre to the Miami Dolphins?

You are going to hear these rumors probably until the middle of the season.

Any team desperate for a quarterback, the name Brett Favre will be  floated out there and people will start to lose their mind.

The Dolphins who are dealing with Chad Henne being all caught up in his feelings because fans are chanting for Kyle Orton is the latest team to be linked to Old Man Favre. has details.

After swinging and missing on Kyle Orton and settling for Matt Moore and with a possible win-now-or-else mandate, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano apparently is thinking about trying to lure Brett Favre to Miami.

Sparano isn’t saying whether he is or isn’t, or whether he will or won’t.  Per Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Sparano said simply that he can’t say that it won’t happen.

I can’t rule anything out,” Sparano said.  “I’m giving you the only answer I can give you.”

I don’t think Favre is coming back, but it is interesting when his name keeps popping up.  The Dolphins have a ton of issues and their team is on the verge of self destructing.

On the bright side Reggie Bush is their #1 running back.



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