Video: Cam Newton Does Lebron James’ Powder Toss Celebration… in Ohio

Cam Newton may not have any tats, but he does seem to have a little Hollywood in him. After scoring a nice 16 yard rush in the first quarter he proceeded to do the Lebron James powder toss as a celebration.

Maybe it was because his teammates tackled him mid-powder, but not a lot of people seem to have picked up on the fact. The question is, why is a guy who is quickly becoming a polarizing figure choosing to imitate the most polarizing figure in sports today? And if you are going to imitate the greatest basketball player in the world, shouldn’t you at least follow it up with something better than a 6 for 19 for 75 yards?

I do like one thing about the celebration though, he did it in Ohio.

Since the Panthers don’t play Cleveland this season, maybe this was his best opportunity to take a shot at Ohio fans. Sure Cincy and Cleveland fans don’t really get along, but Lebron betrayed all of Ohio.

People will criticize him for it, and maybe he should play better before celebrating like that, but it did go a long way in establishing that Newton has a little bit of an attitude.

Now one can only hope his next touchdown celebration is pulling out a Sharpie and giving himself a fake tattoo in the endzone.

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