Cam Newton References Dr. Seuss & Shakespeare To Explain Transition to NFL


First lets be honest Cameron Newton has probably never read anything Shakespeare related.

We all know that Newton has the physical skills, but everyone wants to know if he has the mental skills to transition to an effective quarterback in the NFL.

The reports so far is that he has been an eager learner which is good.  They asked him the difference between the watered down version of the playbook he got in the summer and the real offense he is learning now.

Newton’s head is spinning. Due to the lockout, the Panthers are forced to install a new offense at an accelerated pace. Newton had a playbook during the lockout to study, but he said it was a far cry from what he has now.

“That’s Dr. Seuss compared to doggone Shakespeare,” he said.

I have heard Auburn’s offense was as simple as the Cat in the Hat, but I digress. We will only know if Newton masters “Shakespeare” skills on the field.

Can’t wait to see.


  1. I live in Charlotte and Cam has been a breath of fresh air into what was a very boring franchise. He will be as polarizing in Charlotte as Mike Vick was in Atlanta because every Redneck down here wants to see him fail. Best of luck Cam.

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