Cardinals’ Matt Holliday Leaves Game After Being Attacked By Moth


I know this feeling. Kinda sort of ..

I’ve had a bug fly in my mouth before and I’ve had a bug fly in my eye. But those were small bugs, and they never entered my ear..

Unfortunately, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Holiday was not as lucky as he fell victim during tonight’s game against the Dodgers to a ….. moth. has the details:

Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday abruptly left the team’s game against the Dodgers in the eighth inning and as Corey Patterson readied to enter the game in his place, it appeared second baseman Skip Schumaker told the bench a moth flew in Holliday’s ear.

Holliday was seen holding his right ear.

Wow is all I can say .. The chances of a moth flying into one’s ear as slim. During a baseball game, the chances should be a lot smaller. Hopefully Holliday recovers quickly and can return in time to make an impact for St. Louis.

A moth … who knew?


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