CC Sabathia Discusses Watch The Throne, Contract, and Being a Yankee.

CC Sabathia sat down with Ali Allen of at the PepsiMAX Field Of Dreams.  The program sponsored by Pepsi MAX and MLB are giving a lucky fan a chance to play against some of the greatest players of all time in their neighborhood.

When asked to pick between Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, and Greg Maddox.  Sabathia chose Randy Johnson because “he was intimidating, and lefty like myself.”

At 11 years old growing up in the Bay Area some of CC’s favorite players in that time were Ricky Henderson, Ken Griffey Jr, Tony Gwynn, Mark McGuire, and Jose Canseco.

When asked about the Jay-Z and Kanye West joint album “Watch The Throne”, Sabathia had great reviews on the album.

“I like it, grown up, laid back music.  Anytime you get those two together and you have a chance for a great album, a classic album.”

Allen then asked who was better Jay-Z or Kanye on “Watch The Throne”

“On the whole album… That’s a tough question because people will judge the album on who rap better but what about the collaboration, which what it is all about so the album is classic as a collaboration.”

CC’s favorite song on the album was “Otis”

When asked about the possibility of opting out of his contract at the end of the year, Sabathia replied

“I haven’t thought about it yet. But I can say I’ve loved my time with the Yankees, there’s nothing like being a Yankee.  We just have to wait and see what happens.  It’s something so far in the future he can’t really talk about it now, not thinking about it.”

Sounds like CC really enjoys playing in New York, loves the tradition that comes with wearing Yankee pinstripes. I do expect however if he can command top dollar in the off season, he should definitely opt out of his contract and work out a new deal with New York.  Good news for Yankee fans, his focus is on winning the World Series in October.

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