Chad Henne Says “We Want Orton” Chants Hurt His Feeling

Somebody give Chad Henne a towel because he is acting real moist right now. The Miami Dolphins quarterback says he was stung by the boos and cries for Kyle Orton from some fans at an open training camp practice earlier this week.


Henne, the presumed starter, heard some fans chanting that they wanted the team to trade for Denver’s Kyle Orton. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano defended Henne, saying those jeers “really make me sick.”

Henne says he appreciated Sparano standing up for him, noting Thursday “that’s how this team works.”

Henne also says he believes he’s competing every day to keep the starting job he held last season.

Henne must have been a crybaby when he was younger.

Athletes get booed and hassled by fans all the time. The best thing to do is ignore it and keep moving on and do your job.

Now that fans know that your little feelings were hurt because you got booed their going to give you hell now. I don’t see Henne making it through the season. Miami should have traded for Orton because their options are not looking good right about now.

I don’t expect much from Matt Moore.

I hope Reggie Bush is warming up his throwing are because I expect to see him passing a lot from the “Wildcat” formation.

3 thoughts on “Chad Henne Says “We Want Orton” Chants Hurt His Feeling

  • Nothing in the article showed him being as being “moist”. Unless the boos and criticism affect a player’s play on the field, it’s a non-issue if he chooses to acknowledges them.

    I really wish y’all would proof read before you hit that submit button. The grammatical/typing errors happen way too often on this site.

    • See it’s contagious.

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