Charges Dropped in Alleged Kidnapping Over Shaq Sex Tape

About two months ago, we learned that Shaquille O’Neal was being accused of sending gang members to beat up a guy by the name of Robert Ross, who claimed to have  a sex tape of  O’Neal and an unknown woman. Story here.

However, while O’Neal denied involvement and was not charged in the case, we are now learning that after a request from prosecution, a judge dismissed the kidnapping, assault and robbery charges against the seven gang members today in court. Deputy Dist. Atty. Hoon Chun stated that there was “cause for concern” about the credibility of Ross.

Yeah, no kidding.

The first of many problems was that Ross couldn’t produce the sex tape, later admitting he never had such a tape.

A month ago, on July 13, we learned that Ross had been classified by the LAPD early in 2010 as an “undesirable informant.”

Apparently  neither the Sheriff’s Department nor the D.A.’s office ever bothered to check with the LAPD. Because if they had taken the time to, they would have learned that an LAPD detective had written a memo suggesting Ross had a “personal vendetta” against fellow gang members, and also that “It became apparent that Ross was attempting to extort money from” Shaquille O’Neal.

The detective also wrote: “Ross has proven to be a sophisticated career criminal who will attempt to align himself with a law enforcement agency to gain a sense of protection against those in the criminal community whom he had crossed.”

These cases typically range from  rock-solid…reasonable doubt…or just plain phony.

Ross clearly is just a broke loser, who probably got beat up, while searching for his fifteen minutes of fame.

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  • Ross needs to crawl back under his rock before somebody busts a cap in his behind……

  • Now if only Miami will follow suit…

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