Chris Bosh Says He Didn’t Stop Allison Mathis From Being on Basketball Wives


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This is turning into a Dwight Howard vs. Royce Reed situation where Bosh and Allison just throw lawsuits and accusations back and forth at each other.

Just a bunch of legal stuff over nothing.  TMZ has the details.

As we previously reported, Bosh’s ex Allison Mathis claims she had brokered a $250,000 deal with “BW” producers to appear on the show — but Bosh threatened to sue if that happened, so the producers caved … and axed Allison after she had already taped two episodes.

But Bosh claims it’s all BS — firing back with his own legal docs in Orange County, Florida … insisting it’s not his fault producers decided to cut Allison from the show.

According to Bosh, whatever he may or may not have said to producers … his intention was never to ruin Allison’s career — he was merely “acting to protect his own economic or financial interests.”

I see both sides.

If I was Bosh I wouldn’t want my baby mama on Basketball Wives acting like a fool and if I was Allison Mathis I can understand trying to grab my 15 minutes of fame.

Hopefully they both understand the most important thing is their daughter, because in the end that is all that matters.

All this bickering isn’t good for her, so I hope it comes to an end soon.

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