Chris Johnson Wants “Fake Fans” to STFU

I think most rational people understand Chris Johnson’s position.

When I say rational I mean that we understand the reason he is holding out.  It is the only position he can take.  He is a running back and he probably will only receive one big contract in his NFL life.

I for one has said on many occasions he should sit on the couch until the Titans pay him.

With that being said I also understand the Titans aren’t obligated to pay him, he is under contract.  So when he made this tweet there are parts I agree and disagree with.

If people think he is being greedy that is silly. There is no such thing as being greedy in any industry. You are worth what they pay you. No one every says……….

“You know something I am only worth $10, so even though you are offering me $20 I am only going to take $10”.

On the flip side Johnson needs to keep his cool. Most people are on his side, but because he looks like someone that Jerry Richardson wouldn’t let in his living room, the mainstream media will be quick to turn on him.

It isn’t like Johnson is struggling, you don’t want to throw out the “I don’t have a regular job” line that isn’t going to endear him to anyone.

He also needs to know when you have a twitter account you have to have thick skin, you can’t be all in your feelings like Drake.

If you can’t handle it, delete your account.

Sounds like the pressure is starting to get to him. My suggestion is for him to drink a Capri Sun, get his braids redone and relax.

It will take care of itself.

2 thoughts on “Chris Johnson Wants “Fake Fans” to STFU

  • He’s right to tell them to STFU. Would we like it if people were telling us how to negotiate our salary at work? We pay the salary of walmart, burger king, shell and all the other companies out there, but i don’t see us putting our nose in their business. Isn’t America still a capitalist country? So fans,STFU and go back to your minimum wage job…

  • I love when players speak their mind and tell people what the deal is. Armchair QB’s love to criticize because they have nothing else better to talk about.

    At the same time though these fans are the ones who support the team which he plays for and who pays his salary.

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