Classic Photo: Steve Austin Poses with Young Fan Phil Brooks

Normally, a picture of WWE Legend Steve Austin with a group of fans about 15 years ago is not noteworthy. But when the fan he is posing with, a young fire haired kid with a scowl on his face is Phil Brooks, it does take on a little more notoriety.

Especially when Phil Brooks is the real name of the hottest wrestling commodity in the world, CM Punk.

I came across this picture on twitter after WWE Announcer Jim Ross @JRsBBQ retweeted the original posting by @charris0n. I am endeavoring to verify the authenticity of the picture and the story behind it.

Considering that there are rumors that they are building to a CM Punk vs Steve Austin match at Wrestlemania next year, I could see this picture (if it is indeed Punk) being brought up at some point in the feud.

As an added bonus, that is indeed the late British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith in the background.

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