Cleveland Rapper Machine Gun Kelly: “Lebron is Poor Example of a Human Being”


I don’t know if I can take any rapper seriously who thinks signing with Bad Boy is a good idea. It isn’t like we don’t have a decade and a half of data letting you know that Puffy is going to end your career.

With that being said, hip hop has been searching for the next Eminem the same way the boxing has been looking for the next great White hope.

Machine Gun Kelly aka the Masked Gorilla (yeah I know) is suppose to be the next big thing.

One thing we know do know is he shares the same thoughts about Lebron as most people in Ohio do. If you can sift through all the foul language and what not MGK gives his thoughts on the King.


  1. wow…like lebron really cares about this dude. Just another person trying to get attention by blasting Lebron. Who the hell is this dude, I’m sure no one outside ohio knows and maybe they don’t. This is why the media constantly writes about Lebron. His name draws people to blogs, articles, etc. Otherwise this definitely would not be a story.