Colts Owner Jim Irsay Jokingly Hints About Meeting With Brett Favre

I truly think Jim Irsay is drunk when he makes some of his tweets.

A lot of times they make no sense at all or causes the Colts fan base to go into a panic.  He tweeted the other day he wasn’t sure if Peyton Manning would start regular season and a mad panic spread through Colts nation.

Now Irsay is cryptically tweeting that he might be looking for Brett Favre.

Colts owner Jim Irsay actually tweeted earlier about being in Mississppi. Uh oh. Then, he tweeted a bit later, ostensibly in a direct message gone awry, about being in Hattiesburg, Miss., specifically. Where’s Favre from again? Oh no. In case this disappears eventually, here it is:

Here’s the thing, though: it may all be an elaborate joke. Irsay doesn’t take himself all that seriously on Twitter, so it wouldn’t be totally unlike him to pull one over on all of us, on a subject he obviously knows will get people riled up. Additionally, that direct message “misfire” was sent a couple hours ago now…we’re thinking that would have been enough time to delete the evidence if he really wanted to, but the tweet is still there. We’re thinking this whole thing is a joke. And if it is, seriously, Jim: not cool, man.

As the Sportsgrid points out it is probably nothing but an elaborate joke, maybe Irsay should take more time finding a suitable backup quarterback than playing around on twitter.

Just a thought.