Darnell Dockett Almost Brings Gun to Cardinals’ Practice, Tweets To Let Us Know


Some information is best kept to yourself. We don’t “Mendenhall” around these parts, but there are times you don’t have to tweet exactly what you are thinking, just for your own sakes.

Take Cardinals Defensive Tackle Darnell Dockett for instance.

He lets us know that he almost took theROCKET” to work ala Gilbert Arenas, but luckily he figured it out in time.

Considering that Javaris Crittenton was just arrested for murdering someone and we don’t need to rehash the Arenas incident, I don’t think it is prudent to let people know you don’t seem to know where your “ROCKET” is at all times.

Furthermore people who describe their guns like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, probably shouldn’t own any. Dockett appears to me to be one of those guys who has a gun not from protection, but just so he can say he has a “ROCKET”, which makes it dangerous from him to have.  He is also a Hall of Fame attention whore, so I am not surprised by this.

The fact that the “ROCKET” is just chilling in a bag, not a safe and secure place means that Dockett gets a…………



  1. Wonder if he has a permit to carry “Big pookey” around like that….thanks to twiiter we’ll all now privy to all this idiotic convo…

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