Delonte West Update: Applies For a Job at Home Depot

The man we all love to hate is making news to get attention once again. Wait, nevermind. This isn’t a LeBron James post. We’re talking about his stepdad Delonte West who is seeking attention once again, this time through his Twitter page.

In between recording songs, Delonte found time to apply for a job today with the NBA Lockout expected to last into the season. He went to his Twitter page to announce his possible new place of employment.

Unlike most players, Delonte doesn’t have the luxury of playing overseas because of a prior arrest, which he also addressed through Twitter.

Let’s all pray for Delonte and his well-being. After being diagnosed as bipolar two years ago we’ve gotten a better understanding of why he acts the way he does at times but let’s just allow him to get attention whatever way he can.

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