Desean Jackson Says He is a Top Wide Receiver in the NFL Like Larry Fitzgerald

Desean Jackson wants to get paid.

He is seeing receivers he is probably better than get paid (Santonio Holmes) and receivers he isn’t as good as get paid (Larry Fitzgerald).  Unlike those two he has zero leverage.

He has come into camp and has taken a philosophical approach to his situation.

“The things he’s done, he’s been in the league of course a longer time than me,” said Jackson. “It’s his third deal. So as far as him being a different player than myself, comparing the type of receivers we are, he’s a totally different type of receiver than I am. So we don’t compare as far as receiver wise.

“He’s a good player. He’s one of the top receivers in the NFL like myself, so of course when it comes down to that, yeah, but money-wise or stats-wise, I don’t compare any of that stuff. I just take care of what I have to take care of.”

“Growing up I kind of looked up to Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin,” he said. “But as far as receivers right now in the NFL, I don’t really look up to any of them. I respect their game. There are a couple of great receivers out there. I just consider myself to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.”

Jackson’s confidence (arrogance) is what makes him an effective player.  If he keeps playing well he will get paid, just needs to be patient and ask for Fitzgerald for a loan if he needs to make it rain.

6 thoughts on “Desean Jackson Says He is a Top Wide Receiver in the NFL Like Larry Fitzgerald

  • EVERY WR doesn’t have to do the SAME DAMN THING to be Effective and Outstanding at Their Craft !!!

    He is a Great WR and last year done SOME THINGS that NO WR has ever done and If Kolb didn’t throw that SUICIDE-BALL that damn near ENDED HIS CAREER… No Telling what his numbers would’ve BEEN (Real)

    There isn’t a WR in the league that wouldn’t want Desean on the Other Side of them… He’s an IMMEDIATE THREAT and creates much needed SPACE for his OFFENSIVE UNIT to take advantage of… I JUST HOPE The Eagles organization don’t screw him around & HE GETS PAID (Word)

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