Did MediaTakeOut Go Too Far Posting Naked Pics of Deion Sanders’ Teenage Daughter?

As you know we don’t “Mendenhall” around these parts.  When it comes to other sites and their content, while I may have my personal feelings about it, I never make it public.

For two reasons, first I would never want anyone telling me what I should be posting and second, if you don’t like someone’s content don’t read it.

Mediatakeout is similar to Basketball Wives in the fact people complain about the quality, but that doesn’t stop them from reading it.  A lot of their stories are a light on facts and in some cases are downright lies.

Other times they steal stories and post them as exclusives.  It is what it is, if people aren’t bright enough to figure that out, that is on them.

At times though, they push the limits and it makes you wonder have they gone too far.  Everything a site gets sent to them doesn’t have to be posted.  Most people have a line they won’t cross, the question where should that line be.

Should they be posting “NFL Legends 19 Year old Daughter Naked Pics“?

Is that taking it too far or is it all fair in love and blogging.  The young lady is of age and she obviously sent the pics to the wrong person.  When you are a child of a celebrity or athlete you have to understand that anything you do can be and will be magnified.

If a random 19 year old girl naked pics are leaked who cares, but when you attached “NFL Legend” to it, that is a totally different situation.

In the new age media world that we live in, no one is safe and the sooner people understand that, the less likely things like this will happen.

When I speak at blogging conferences I often get asked is it fair that the media gets so deep into athletes and entertainers personal lives.  My answer is always the same do you blame the user or the supplier?

It is an open ended question that is meant to get you to think more than anything else.

If I posted every single piece of information that was sent to me, I would be making Mediatakeout money, but I do think their is a line and I am not in the business of randomly exposing or embarrassing people (except Miss Hawaii, but she deserved it).  All money isn’t good money.

Mediatakeout has decided they have no line and you as the reader have to decide which side of the road you are on.  From the look of their traffic numbers, many of you are riding in the MTO lane.

10 thoughts on “Did MediaTakeOut Go Too Far Posting Naked Pics of Deion Sanders’ Teenage Daughter?

  • I hear you! What is up with these sites just jumping on everything they think is news?! How about starting a good cause like bringing back Playmakers on HBO since ESPN bailed on the show. Hehe

  • agree BUT if you post them too then….??

  • Are you serious with this article? So because it’s a “NFL legend” daughter all the rules change. OH sorry didn’t know we had royalty in the country. GTFOH

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