Diddy’s Son Justin Combs Offered Football Scholarship Offer to UCLA


Justin has been getting some headlines for his play as a Defensive Back and there has been talk that he would land at a BCS school in the future.

One school has stepped up to the plate.

Reportedly Justin Combs, a cornerback from a New York prep high school, has received a scholarship offer from the UCLA Bruins to play on their football squad. It is unknown whether or not Justin will accept this early offer by UCLA.

Not sure if this is a Lil Romeo at USC situation where he is getting this attention because he is Puff Daddy’s son or because he actually has some skills.

We learned fairly quickly that Romeo would not have been on the USC squad if not for his famous dad (Master P), but I am willing to give Justin the benefit of the doubt.  I saw some tape of him and he appears to be decent.

Even if it isn’t how can you go wrong picking any school in Cali, so he better “TAKE THAT TAKE THAT” scholarship.


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