Dodgers’ Jamie McCourt Has Spent 9.9 Million Dollars on Divorce Lawyers, Expects to Spend More


Ok… Mrs. McCourt … who cares?

Everyone knows that the Dodgers are cash-strapped and many Dodgers fans would be upset to hear that Jamie is spending such a ludicrous amount on a lengthy and nasty divorce while their team is struggling financially.

McCourt says that she’s dropped 9.9 mil on the divorce already and intends to spend 7 mil more. She claims that she needs the money to keep up with her husband who has access to a lot more of the non-Dodgers money allowing him to spend more on top-flight lawyers.

The Dodgers continue to be financially handcuffed and there seems to be no end to this divorce.┬áThe only clear winners here are the lawyers, err — I mean hustlers

Somewhere, Manny Ramirez is waiting for his money from the Dodgers.


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