Draya Michele From Basketball Wives Linked to On the Run Murderer Javaris Crittenton


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I wouldn’t call this surprising.

Draya has been linked with rappers, singers, NBA & NFL Players and many more.  That is sort of her profession, to be linked with someone famous and by association become semi-famous herself.

Luckily for her Crittenton didn’t have a grudge against her.

A source tells BOSSIP exclusively that the most recent former NBA player to qualify Draya Michele for her position on Basketball Wives: LA is none other than Javaris Crittenton, the same ex-baller currently wanted on suspicion of murder in connection to a drive-by in Atlanta.

According to our source, Draya’s fling with Javaris happened while he was in a relationship with an entertainment PR consultant named Destiny. He eventually left the career driven girl for Draya.

Of course, this isn’t the first NBA baller Draya’s been linked to. She’s allegedly also been with Kenyon Martin and was rumored to have slept with a post-Monica Shannon Brown.

I am sure they will figure out some way to squeeze this into a Basketball Wives episode, to justify why she is on the show even though she has never been closed to being anyone’s wife.

As far as Javaris Crittenton he is still on the run and now the FBI is getting involved.

Draya has wonderful taste in men.

15 thoughts on “Draya Michele From Basketball Wives Linked to On the Run Murderer Javaris Crittenton

  • Smh. They are just putting her on the show to make a fool of her and guess what she signed up! And what she did to her child is disgusting. Also it has already been proven on here that the MTO generated Shannon bRown story is a lie on BSO and other sites and in her xxl interview. Yet she did “date” kenyon, deshawn etc etc

  • Ppl, y cant she just b afemale who attracts men of a certain stature in general, anyone of dating age has never dated just one person wether its diff gender out the same. Even if she dated 30 men, that’s 30 dates she attended even if they ask turned into relationships that’s their business, and what she did with her child is also her business who are we to judge! no matter who you are none of us are saints especially not in todays society w this economy smdh,

    • People keep getting these 2 words – criticizing & judging confused. I don’t think people are judging Draya, may be they’re criticizing her. i’m just sayin’…

  • Draya does not seem like a bad person just young but, what makes her qualified to ba considered a basketball wife.

  • I am so tired of Draya being the villian. She just has a preference in men and so do I. Most women do. Mine are tall, dark, handsome, treats me well… hers just happen to include most of that and money. It’s not a bad thing to have standards.
    I do not know what her connection is to being a basketball wife but the only WIFE title I have seen on LA are Malaysia and Jackie… Even on the original, Jen and Meeka were the only wives. Jen was getting divorce for two seasons and we see how everyone treated Meeka. It just seems that it should be called Basketball Almost Wives, Exes, or Just Plain Ol Baby Mamas.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself you was so on the money with that statement

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