Dwyane Wade Responds to Shaq’s Cheating Allegation via Twitter


Yesterday we brought you the story about Shaq snitching on D Wade (Shaq Unintentionally Exposes Dwyane Wade Cheating on Gabrielle Union).

D Wade went to twitter to clear up the rumors.


Really Really..This brings a new meaning 2 don’t believe what u [email protected] & I are like brother and sisters PERIOD..#Rumorkilled

Wade went a bit Kevin Hart with that tweet. Not my place to say if Wade was cheating or not. You already know my thoughts on athletes cheating.

My issue is Shaq held a grudge against Kobe Bryant for a long time for putting his business in the street, but this isn’t the first time Shaq has done the exact same thing.

Pot, we have Kettle on the Blackberry for you.


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