Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Won’t Negotiate With DeSean Jackson While He Holds Out

The Eagles have a certain way about doing things when it comes to contracts.

They aren’t going to be bullied or forced into anything.  They pay you want they want to pay on their terms.  DeSean Jackson has outperformed his contract, but the fact is he is still under contract and has no leverage.

He could continue to hold out but per Profootballtalk.com if he holds out passed August 9th he would lose a year toward free agency, which he doesn’t want to do.

The Eagles know this and are taking a hard stance with Jackson.

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said Thursday he has “high hopes” for DeSean Jackson. But he reiterated the team’s policy of not giving contract extensions to players holding out according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I’m not going to talk publicly about any of the dealings with him, but it’s all positive, and we look forward to DeSean being here and working things out in a great way going forward,” Lurie said during his annual state of the team press conference with media.

When asked if it was still team policy to refuse to give extensions to players not in training camp, Lurie said: “That’s been our philosophy consistently, yes.”

In laymen terms Lurie is saying that he knows Desean has no leverage and will eventually come to camp.  The Eagles should pay him, but they don’t have to pay him.

In the end it will get done and Jackson will get his money, but the Eagles will get the better of the deal.

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