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ESPN The Magazine Ponders What if Michael Vick Was White QB With Shocking Photo

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, August 25th, 2011
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Just so it is clear, I don’t like the picture. I think that is taking it too far. We aren’t idiots if you want to write an article about what is Michael Vick was a white quarterback that is fine, but we don’t need the photoshop. It is insulting to be honest.

I am sure they wouldn’t have put Tom Brady in black face if they were doing an article on how it would feel if he was a black quarterback.  Then again black is bad and white is good, so that article would never happen.

Sometimes you have to think before you just throw something out on the web.

I have serious problem with the article starting with this paragraph.

The problem with the “switch the subject’s race to determine if it’s racism” test runs much deeper than that. It fails to take into account that switching someone’s race changes his entire existence. In making Vick white, you have him born to different parents. That alone sets his life trajectory in an entirely different direction. Thus when this hypothetical white Michael Vick … wait, I can’t even continue that sentence in good faith. I mean, who would this white Vick be? That person is unknowable. When you alter his race, it’s like those Back to the Future movies where someone goes back in time, inadvertently changes one small thing about his parents’ dating history and then the person starts to disappear. If Vick had been born to white parents, you wouldn’t even be reading this right now. That Vick would have had radically different options in life compared with the Vick who grew up in the projects of Newport News, Va., where many young black men see sports as the only way out.

In general what that is saying if you are born white, everything would be better. It also implies being born black leads to criminal behavior.

Both are asinine assumptions. I was born black, I grew up in the projects, my dad wasn’t always around and I have a Masters degree, if I was born to white parents would things have been different, no one knows but don’t automatically assume it would be better.

The problem with articles like this is that it gives young black kids an excuse to fail. I am black, I am from the hood, so I can’t be a successful unless I throw football, sell drugs or shoot a jumper. Those type of  negative thoughts have held black people back for centuries.  It has been branded in us that black is bad.  The bad guy wears the black hat, Devil’s food cake is my skin complexion, white women are put on a pedestal while black women with their ghetto bootys and full lips are frowned on and I could go on.

More from the ESPN article.

Here’s another question: If Vick grew up with the paternal support that white kids are more likely to have (72 percent percent of black children are born to unwed mothers compared with 29 percent of white children), would he have been involved in dogfighting? I ask this not to look for an excuse but to explore the roots of his behavior. Vick’s stunningly stupid moral breakdown with respect to dogs is certainly related to the culture of the world he grew up in, which he says fully embraced dogfighting. But it’s also related to the household he grew up in.

I grew up around dogfighting, when I became an adult, I understood right from wrong. Vick wasn’t dogfighting because he was he didn’t grow up in a white family, he was dogfighting because he had a $100+ million contract from the Falcons and thought he couldn’t be touched.

If anything if Vick was POOR and still in the hood as an adult he probably would be trying to survive and not thinking about dogfighting. It was because he was RICH and PRIVILEGE he thought he could get away with it.  It is also the only reason the Feds even cared about it.

These are dumb articles.

Don’t take sympathy on me because I am black, both parents weren’t around or I grew up on the hood. Don’t make excuses for criminal behavior.  Furthermore don’t attempt to have black people dreaming to be white, because that isn’t reality.  Reality is to love yourself whatever race you are.

Mike Vick made bad choices not because he is black or didn’t grow up white, but because he was dumb.

Being a dummy has NO COLOR. Just remember that.

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  1. Wow “@BlkSportsOnline BSO Post: ESPN The Magazine Ponders What if Michael Vick Was White QB With Shocking Photo http://t.co/OXwSb2N”

  2. Lmao RT @YeaImSolo: No joke he look like @JTrue RT @BlkSportsOnline: BSO Pos ESPN Ponders What if Michael Vick Was White http://t.co/0Y5QSGY

  3. Big Al says:

    great article feel proud after read that THANK YOU

  4. B says:

    I think you missed the point of Toure’s article entirely. Also, your piece is full of typos.

  5. Here is @BlkSportsOnline response to @toure flawed "If Michael Vick Was a White QB" article http://t.co/uUbALyW –Must Read!!

  6. GQTrojan says:

    LMAO @ white Vick’s photo. In all seriousness, the author of the ESPN article is only pointing out things that many black folks continue to say about themselves. In hip-hop, how many artists have you heard say they group up poor, in the ghetto, and without many options in life BECAUSE they are BLACK. Vick did the same thing when he recently agreed that many white folks don’t understand black culture. And part of black culture, according to Vick, is dogfighting. He also said he grew up around this type of stuff BEFORE he became a rich and famous athlete, so I’m not sure the arguement about his participation in dogfighting only because he had the means (wealth) to do it is valid.

    I don’t disagree with your view on race and achievement pertaining to this article. Every person has the ability to achieve something great no matter where they were from or how they were raised. But it just shows that many black folks do NOT share this opinion even in 2011. Yes indeed, some white folks still believe that black people have severe disadvantages in life due to the color of their skin. But sadly, many black people believe this about themsleves as well. That’s why many of today’s youth think their only path to wealth or success is through drug dealing, sports, or entertainment.

  7. twinkz says:

    the fact that you have a master’s degree and didn’t dog fight growing up didn’t stop you from making that No Limit Records-esque top banner! All you’re missing is a pile of money and a panda bear. GTFOH!

  8. Brad says:

    Let me first start by saying that the subject is absolutely ridiculous to powers unknown to mathematics. Whether Michael Vick is black, white, green or purple, has no bearing on why he did the things he did. We are all created with the ability to reason. If Michael Vick didn’t think dog fighting was so bad, why didn’t he have his own television show about it? He knew it and he did it anyway. That’s the bottom line. Toure’ is an absolute moron. To make the contentions that he made in this article are absolutely beyond quantum stupidity. What if questions are usually worthless. What if Hitler was born in squirrel instead of a Nazi fascist dictator? Equally stupid. Anyway, I’m sick and tired of the race argument. It’s about achievement… You either do or you do not.PERIOD! When will reasonably intelligent people stop writing such crap? The world will probably never know. We’ll know exactly how many licks it takes to get to the chocolatey center of a Tootsie Pop before we figure out idiots like Toure’. Somebody needs to take away that morons laptop or crayons. Nobody that stupid should be able to write… Even for comic books… Except this is even funny. BH

  9. Jay says:

    I was just watching the editor of ESPN talk about this on CNN about 2 minutes ago. The point is not that whites are better, even though to a degree, some “may” have more opportunity in this country than others. Or we may all have the same opportunity and it’s just that because of the way “African Americans” are portrayed through the eyes of the media as being great athletes, but not great thinkers and scholars unless either weak or feminine is a great problem in the minds of the young. So in turn they see either being an entertainer or a ball player as a way out. But to make my point. The fact that Vick was treated differently vs. how a white player was the point of the ESPN article. And like 60% of the football players in the NFL thought that if Vick was white, that not only the law, but the NFL League would have been more lenient. And I completely agree. Look at the treatment of Ben Rothenberger and how he is accused of rape multiple times, and yet he gets a slap on the wrist. PEOPLE, IF YOU’RE TIRED OF THE RACE CARD, THEN TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY. WHY SHOULD WE IGNORE IGNORANCE, IF IGNORANCE AND NARROW MINDEDNESS STILL PLAGUES US. AND IT’S NOT SO MUCH IF I GIVE A DAMN OF WHAT A RACIST THINKS.. BUT TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY, AND THIS WILL ELIMINATE THE RACE CARD ISSUE..

  10. Tom says:

    I grew up on the southwest side of Houston, TX. Not poor, very blue collar. Both parents were around, but divorced and 2k miles apart. I don’t have a masters degree, or any college degree, dropped out of high school. In my youth, I engaged in plenty of illicit behavior, wound up in jail a few times. I have a brother who has dealt with a 20 year+ drug problem, and another brother currently in prison.

    And I’m 100% Caucasian, which has a factor in this of about 0%.

  11. Royce Keuler says:

    excellent article. ty a lot

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