Fab 5 Star Jimmy King Arrested for Back Child Support

I am starting to think the Fab 5 documentary is cursed.

Jalen Rose has been embroiled in controversy even before it aired and is currently in jail.  Juwon Howard made it to the NBA Finals and lost.  Ray Jackson is well still Ray Jackson, now Jimmy King is in trouble.

Fab Five star Jimmy King was in jail today after his arrest by agents from the Michigan Attorney General’s office, charged with failure to pay child support.

King, who turned 38 on Tuesday, was arraigned in Oakland County Circuit Court and charged with one count of failure to pay support, a felony carrying a maximum four-year prison term, according to John Sellek, state Attorney General spokesman. He said King owed $17,209 for one child, from 2008 to 2011.

Maybe Chris Webber was smart to stay away from the documentary.

It is like a Final Destination movie.

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