Florida Jeff Demps Demands Death Penalty for Miami via Facebook

The Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes have a hatred bitter rivalry that played yearly from 1944-1987 until Florida took Miami off the schedule because of an extra SEC conference game.  The back and forth between both programs continue and today University of Florida running back Jeff Demps may have added gasoline to the fire with this facebook status.

Jeff Demps may want to not throw stones in a glass house given the high arrest record of the Gators during the Urban Meyer era who himself spoke up for Miami.

“The first thing I would do is take a look at who is making the allegations,” Meyer said. “You’re looking at a convicted felon.

“Before everybody jumps to conclusions everybody deserves a chance to see how true this is, and if it is true it is a major, major issue.”

Jeff Demps and many of the mainstream media needs to stop the witch hunt of Miami and the let NCAA complete their investigation; once fact and fiction can be proven, then form your opinion for punishment rather than let personal hate cloud your judgement.

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