How Does Larry Fitzgerald’s Deal Impact Chris Johnson and the Titans?


Arizona Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald recently received a massive deal from the Cardinals that will most assuredly allow him to retire with the team. The deal is 8 years and 120 million but the big number here is the 50 million that is guaranteed.

How does this affect the Titans? Well, it was not too long ago that Titans’ GM Mike Reinfeldt stated that they were ready to make Johnson the highest paid running back in league history. However, Johnson said that was “news” to him and as of yet the Titans are still without their electric playmaker and the preseason is halfway over.

Reports indicate that Johnson was looking for a deal that would guarantee him at least 30 million dollars and he is very serious about it. Though the Titans would love for CJ to start practicing with them team and then negotiate a deal, Johnson knows that staying away increases his leverage.

As the news broke of Fitzgerald’s massive “franchise quarterback” deal, you can bet on it that Chris Johnson was paying attention.

If the Titans won’t show CJ2K the money, then they should start finding out what his trade value is .. at least.


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