Is it Ok For Evelyn Lozada To Use “N-word” in Describing Chad OchoCinco?

Many tuned in Monday night to watch the drink throwing incident between Eric and Jennifer Williams in its entirety, in the Season Finale of Basketball Wives.

However, the hype from Eric and Jennifer’s  altercation overshadowed the argument between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco, which also caused quite a stir. Here is the run down of what happened:

Evelyn “coincidentally” drove past a place where Ochocinco regularly has lunch in Miami. There she sees him at lunch, enjoying a meal with who we later learn is a female friend of Chad’s. When he comes home, she begins to question him about his whereabouts. Ochocinco, admits he went out to lunch with a friend of his, that “he knows from the past”. After Evelyn corners him into admitting it was a female friend, Chad goes on to state his belief, that he doesn’t see the problem with what he did, as he wasn’t trying to hide anything, as he was on a patio of the restaurant. He goes on to also say that he should be free to do these things as long as she trusts him, without giving her details of every place he goes. As the confrontation escalates, Evelyn asks Ochocinco:

“Why do I have to drive by and have my f*ckin heart beating a mile a minute [because] I see your black a**” laughing it up with some female over coffee.

Ochocinco jokingly replies that “Everytime she sees [him] her heart should beat a mile a minute”

Evelyns response: “There’s pitter patter and then there is I’m about to punch this n*gga in his head….[that’s] two different heartbeats.”

Shortly after, those not consumed by the violent drink slung in Jennifer by Eric, took to twitter saying that Evelyn Lozada had no business using the “N” word, as she is not African American. Others also made comments saying that she needed to be put in her place.

In response to the tweets, Evelyn also took to twitter.

In my opinion, I agree with the followers outraged by her use of the “N” word. Evelyn can tweet a thousand facts to debate and convince us all that her grandmother’s, uncle’s, aunt’s, bestfriend’s cousin is of African descent, but contrary to Evelyn’s assertion… we in fact were not all on the same “boat”.

There is no arguing the history of the word and its negative meaning. And while the word is still heavily used, due the controversy of its use, I feel that unless you are 100% African American, then you have no business using the word period.

So slice it, dice it, divide it however you want Evelyn–no matter how many black people have been in–I mean around you growing up, you shouldn’t use the word on national television.

But if Ochocinco has no problems with his chick running around calling him a “black a**” and the “N-word” that’s his business.

34 thoughts on “Is it Ok For Evelyn Lozada To Use “N-word” in Describing Chad OchoCinco?

  • all the puerto ricans just mentioned are from the BRONX. J-LO, Fat Joe, Big Pun, there all from the Bronx! Last time I checked Evelyn was from Bx too. I’m black but i’m from NY and I think alot of blacks from the south aint used to seein other races use the n word.

  • Even if you are 100% African-American,all the more reason not to use the N-word. The movement in America to remove this embolisim from our vocabulary will never succeed in the face of such perpetual calousnous!

  • Why should it be okay for just black people to say the N word? I happen to be a white person but the way I see it if you don’t want to be called it stop holding double standards and calling other people the dang word…rahtards…

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