JaMarcus Russell In Debt?

Shocking right?

Considering Russell banked over $30 million for little to no work with the Raiders, you would think he would be chilling somewhere sippin on the sizzurp and living the good life.

According to TMZ though he is having some financial issues.

TMZ has learned … the #1 overall pick in the 2007 Draft was hit with a $223,180.05 lien by the State of California Tax Board for failing to pay his taxes in 2008 … when he still played for the Raiders.

But this story has a happy ending, because according to court documents filed in Alameda County, CA — JaMarcus recently paid off his debt the lien has been released.

Russell still has ties to Oakland — where a $2.4 million mansion he owns is still in foreclosure and is set to be auctioned off next month … unless he decides to pay off the debts and penalties.

I am sure Russell isn’t broke, but come back in 10 years because I think we know where this is heading.

2 thoughts on “JaMarcus Russell In Debt?

  • damn shame, money & stupidity never mix word maybe 5 years later if ten being generous lol

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