Javaris Crittenton To Turn Himself Into Police..Proclaims His Innocence

With the FBI breathing down his neck Javaris Crittenton has decided to turn himself into police. He is wanted for the murder of Julian Jones.

Crittenton through his attorney says he is innocent. Here are the details.

The lawyer for former Georgia Tech basketball star Javaris Crittenton said his client has agreed to surrender to local authorities who’ve charged him in the shooting death of a 22-year-old mother of four.

Crittenton will be on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta and should arrive in his hometown “very early [Tuesday] morning,” said attorney Brian Steel, retained by family members earlier Monday.

“Mr. Crittenton wants to clear his name,” Steel told the AJC. “He’s innocent of the charges.”

The police locked in on Crittenton immediately, but we don’t know exactly what evidence they have. Crittenton by up and purchasing a one way ticket to Cali, didn’t really help his case.

With that being said it is innocent until proven guilt and until we know exactly what happened we shouldn’t assume guilt.

Also lets not forget that a mother of 4 was murdered in a senseless act and whoever pulled the trigger needs to thrown under the jail.

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