Kenny Britt Blames Hamstring Issues on Evil Yoga Instructor

Kenny Britt is lucky that he’s the best receiver on his team because he probably wouldn’t make such headlines as a 5th string wideout. Britt didn’t play in the Titans 14-3 preseason win over the Vikings but practiced full speed for the first time today. His hamstring issues go back to last year’s Titans/Chargers game where he injured it for the first time, prompting the team to sign Randy Moss.

Luckily for the Tennessee Titans, Britt is back and ready to practice and play football once again. Interestingly enough when asked last week about why his hamstring kept him inactive for such a long time, he provided a Kenny Britt answer:

“I thought it was behind me when I was doing all that yoga this summer,” Britt said Thursday night, according to The Tennessean. “But I guess the yoga lady took my money and ran.”


Who else in the NFL can get away with responses like these?

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