Kobe Bryant Accused of Assaulting Man at Church For Taking Pics of Him


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Ever since the Colorado incident Kobe Bryant has been obsessive in protecting his privacy when it comes to him and his family.

He simply will not put himself in a position to look bad. That is why he isn’t on twitter or any social networking sites. That is why he controls his access to the media and you would need Jack Bauer style clearance to get anywhere near him.

So when Bean thought a gentleman a church was taking pics of him and his family Darth Kobe came out.

Bryant allegedly grabbed a man’s wrist and cell phone at St. Therese of Carmel in San Diego Sunday.

The man claims Bryant thought he had taken pictures of him and his family on his cell phone, but returned the phone after discovering there were no pictures.

The alleged victim claims he had to go to the hospital to treat a wrist injury.


If you are going to strong arm someone’s phone there better be some pictures on it, now Kobe is going to have to write a check to make sure this goes away.  The cops are already in involved and you know the man who is claiming his wrist is broken in 100 places is seeing dollar signs as we speak.

There is definitely a dark side to Kobe.  I don’t know how the Lord feels about this.  It is a Catholic church right?  He just needs to go to confession and it will be all good.

8 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Accused of Assaulting Man at Church For Taking Pics of Him

  • go kobe don’t mess with the mvp by the way you made my birthday better to know wha you did keep your hands up i keep telling people you fingers and your hands of gods property keep laughing all the way to the bank mvp forever m.c. hammer can’t touch it.

  • Kobe may think of the incident as nothing and insignificant, but we should all remember an incident that former Laker Center Kareem A Jabbar got involved in (in Phoenix) just over 20 years ago. Per my memory, it was about April, 1988 (just before regular season ended). Jabbar was walking through a Phoenix mall. A video-photographer got in front of Jabbar. In a sudden fit of rage, Jabbar slapped at the camera (knocking it out of the guy’s hands). Jabbar was charged with criminal (misdemeanor) assault. Several months later, Jabbar had to appear in Maricopa Co. Court. He plea-bargained no contest and got away with just a fine. Thing IS, what Kobe did (in that SD Church) is equivalent to and almost identical to Jabbar’s “Phoenix Mall incident” of 1988. So there you go, if the prosecution charged Jabbar, then why shouldn’t they charge Kobe, as well? Kobe is not anymore ABOVE the law than Jabbar is, right?

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