LSU QB Jordan Jefferson & 3 Teammates Could Face Battery Charges In Bar Brawl

I’m pretty sure coach Les Miles and the LSU Tigers wish they didn’t have to deal with this type of drama two weeks before they face Oregon in the season opener at Cowboy Stadium. On Friday we reported that LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson was involved in a bar fight in Baton Rouge early Friday morning. Now is reporting that Jefferson and three other members of the football team will be taken in police custody Monday and could face battery charges for their role in the fight.

Jefferson and numerous teammates were allegedly involved in a fight early Friday morning outside of Shady’s, an off-campus bar. Four people were injured in the incident and are reportedly pondering legal action.

“Whatever legal proceedings that are ongoing we will cooperate with and see how that all figures,” said LSU head coach Les Miles in a press conference earlier Saturday. “I know that (the police) are still gathering information and at the appropriate time we will take strong action.”

Jefferson and redshirt offensive tackle Chris Davenport could face second degree battery charges while sophomore linebacker Josh Johns and freshman wide receiver Jarvis Landry could be charged with simple battery, according to the source.

Sgt. Don Stone, Baton Rouge Police Spokesman, insists that the player in question have only been asked to come in for questioning Monday morning. “They’ve been implicated and we need to talk to them and get their side of the story,” Stone told beat writer Randy Rosetta Saturday evening. “We’re not going to arrest them at this time. We’re not ruling out that they won’t be arrested.”

If found guilty of second degree battery, Jefferson and Davenport could face as serious a punishment as three to five years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine.

We don’t know yet how the brawl started, or who or what started the fight. But in any situation like this you have to learn how to walk away. These guys are well-known college athletes and although they may not look for trouble, trouble will find them because of who they are.

Some people will purposely go after an athlete to get under their skin so they can get a reaction out of them and then cry foul against the athlete to get some money. So these kids have to learn how to just walk away. If not they will in a situation that will hard to
get out of.

3 thoughts on “LSU QB Jordan Jefferson & 3 Teammates Could Face Battery Charges In Bar Brawl

  • I am sure these boy’s are not saints if they were out wandering around at 2:00AM. I hope if found guilty they are released from the LSU Football program to never return. Rules are in place for a reason. The fact that they broke a standing rule of curfew would be bad enough, the fact that they are not disciplined enough to obey the rules says they should not be allowed on the team. However, Charges faced will be a pretty heavy punishment if determined guilty. What these young men fail to realize prior to breaking curfew is that their lives could be altered forever. Especially Jefferson and Davenport. I would hope that Miles has a real quarterback in reserve. Jordan Jefferson was always a glory hound when I saw him play last year, and seldom a team player.

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